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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess What? E Makes Jewelry Too!

So I mentioned in the last post that I was up to something different lately...well here it is...jewelry!!  Not really different for me, but different for all of you who only know me for my artwork and photography in blogland.  I used to make jewelry years ago, and took tons of classes at different bead shops, but I put it aside for quite a while.

I wanted to concentrate on my artwork, and my baby, among other things. I knew that when I finally brought out my tools and jewels (hey that'd be a cute business name!)  that I would easily get sucked back in, so I avoided it so I wouldn't scatter my energy.

So guess what happened?  Yup.  Exactly that!  A friend of mine asked me to make a necklace for a gift she needed, so I happily dug out my stash (which is VERY disorganized at this moment...argh) and found all kinds of wonderful, half done pieces while I was searching for a certain bead for my friend's necklace. 

This copper necklace was one of those unfinished beauties.  The chain was almost done, all it needed was to be joined with a clasp (and I had one that I already made just laying around!) and some kind of pendant.  I joined the front with a "s" link and found a beautiful ceramic pendant that I had bought for myself years ago.  I love it, it's by Marsha Neal.  I added the pendant then made a little dangle to hang over the top to help bring out the green.  I also added a cute little dangle to hang from the back too.  I love my new necklace, especially since I've been wearing the same old one over and over.  It was time for a new one!

This necklace and earring set below is the one I made for a friend.  Very simple and elegant and it goes with everything.  I had made a necklace just like it years ago and someone in a store bought it right off of my neck!  I always wanted to make another one but I never did till now.  I love the main white bead and the gunmetal chain.

So now all I want to do is work on jewelry, and I will continue to do so, but I also need to get some more unfinished art pieces done.  Ahh!!  But it's a good problem to have, I love creating.  Just wish I had more time....but don't we all.

So I had been trying to figure out how and when I was going to introduce you guys to my jewelry making side, and well, I guess this is it!  These necklaces are just a tiny sample of what I make.  I LOVE working with metal and wire.  I will be showing you more, but I'm not sure when.  I have so many supplies that need to get used and sold one of these days along with my artwork, so I think I'll have to start looking into setting up a "store", probably on Etsy.  No promises as to when because things are a bit hectic right now, and I want to build up inventory first, but if any one's interested let me know.  And if anyone has any advice I will gladly take that too!

I do have some artwork to show you, but it's taking me FOREVER to go through the pictures...darn perfectionist nature's got a hold of me!


Bev said...

beautiful pieces...love the copper...
you are just full of surprises!

Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

oops...spelt something wrong...love this ...love the green one in particular...xxx

Carin said...

Love this! How fun! Especially the green one. And I so know what you mean about having to many creative interests and having to put some of them on hold every now and again, that could be me talking lol!

There's an arty giveaway over at mine at the mo if you're interested :)

Manya K Photography said...

I just LOVE your jewelry! You make beautiful pieces that anyone would be proud to wear! :)