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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Card and an Award

First I just want to share a little collaged card I made for a loved one.  To make it, I layered scrapbook papers for the background, then tore papers into flower, leaf, and stem shapes and glued them all down.  Then I added a light cream paint to soften the colors a bit, and once dry I outlined everything with a water-soluble crayon (make sure to spray it with a sealer).

Next, I won an award!!!  Yay!! 
 It was given to me by the wonderful, super talented, and fun Sada over at Dressology HQ (who just happens to be my aunt who seriously rocks at everything she does!).  Go check out her fashion blog, it's so much fun and there's lots of eye candy (who doesn't love pretty dresses ladies?!).   

OK, so I have to share some lil' tidbits about myself.  Hmm....

  1. I actually won an award (different one) at the end of September from the lovely and talented Kristin at Twinkle Twinkle but I never posted it because 1. I couldn't decide who to pass it on to 2. I seriously couldn't think of anything interesting to share about myself,  and 3. I ended up forgetting about it after a while!  Sad, I know... Sorry Kristin!
  2. I LOVE to travel and have been to:  Austria - Salzburg & Vienna.  Australia - all over 3x.    France - Paris 2x & Giverny.  Germany - Munich.  Italy- Florence 2x, Rome, Venice 2x, Pisa, & Cinque Terra.  Spain -Barcelona 2x, Madrid, Toledo, Grenada, Cordoba, & Sevilla.  Switzerland - Interlaken.  I've also been to Arizona, Oregon, Mexico, Nevada...and probably a few more that I've forgotten about.
  3. If someone would've told me, when I was younger,  that I would be married to an English teacher, I probably would've fallen on the floor in hysterical laughter (a common occurrence back then even past my teens, much to the dismay of my mom) ... seriously. 
  4. This one's for you Kristin... my English-Teaching husband is 5 years younger than me.
  5. Pretend there's something interesting written here.  oooh!  wow!!
  6. Even though I painted faux finishes and murals for my business, there's sadly none of that going on in our house except for ONE room, our bedroom.  In there I glazed the walls and stenciled the ceiling (ouch!).  I also painted all trim and doors to look like mahogany wood.  
  7. I've been wanting to share a few photos of our beautiful bedroom with you.  But that would mean I'd have to dust.  Nope.

So now I have to pass on the award to a few deserving people.  
First one goes to miss Manya over at Manya K Photography.  She takes the most beautiful photos and her blog showcases her specialty which is portraits in beautiful environments.  Go check it out.  Oh yeah, and she's one of my closest friends : )  Hi Nya!

The next one goes to Michele of  Pipi La La.  I love visiting her blog.  Not only is she real, and HILARIOUS, but the girl is a wonderful artist.  I am the happy owner of several of her paintings.  LOVE them!

OK, that's all I've got.  I've been TRYING to narrow my list down to share others, but I'm going to cut it off there.    I started this post days ago and I'm afraid if I don't post it now it'll never get done.  
 Bye now.


Single Stone Studios said...

oooh a younger man! Go E ;) Mine happens to be 9 yrs older than me which is no big deal now but 16 yrs ago when we got married and I was 19 and he was 28 people "pulled me aside" to tell me I was crazy. I guess we showed them :)

Oh and if you don't soom in too closely with the camera you won't have to dust! Your room sounds beautiful! And trust me if I see dust I won't judge...I have plenty of my own dust!

Anonymous said...

So you married a toy boy huh. Way to go!!

Thank you for the award! :)

Manya Keseloff said...

Oh Sta... THANK YOU so Much for the award! Love you lots!

JessiVille said...

E, I love your card - so soft and beautiful. I am going to try my hand at one for my Mom tomorrow. Congrats on your award - I've visited your picks too. Congrats on the younger man as well! lol

Kim Henkel said...

Yes a lovely, lovely card! and congratulations on the award!

Kristin said...

HA!! This is awesome!!!
You cradle-robber, you! (takes one to know one ;) I LOVE this! And we have to talk about your travels - I too love it and have been to many of the same - but have only been to Majorca in Spain - where we honeymooned! My favorites are Bruges and Amsterdam. How cool is that - see, you are a girl after my own heart!! Oh, and my Mom does the work now that you used to - and although I do have one venetian plaster wall (pale blue - dining room) in my house, it took For-ev-er to get it!
Thank you for everything - that was fun ;) xoxoxo

Kristin said...

And I didn't even talk about your beautiful card! I was so wrapped up in your share ;) I love it - the greys are so sophisticated and I love the vintage feel! xoxo

Sada said...

I wish there was another award for best 7 Things listed about yourself! For being such an interesting, talented, creative, ridiculous, considerate mom/niece,wife/artist (and COUGAR) I can't believe you struggled with finding 7!!! Guess I'll have to add humble to my list above. Beautiful card. Love you and thanks for the props to me over at DressologyHQ.blogspot.com Miss YOU, S