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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday : Pretty Column

Hi there.

I'm still getting caught up from the past few hectic weeks, so I had to dig in my stash for an old shadow shot.  I love this column (why is that word spelled so funny?).  This is part of a church in Pasadena that I showed more photos of here and here.

If you want to join in with your own shadow shots, go to Hey Harriet and tell her hey from me!

And thank you VERY much for all you sweetness and love on the last post.  It means a lot to us... seriously (my husband read and appreciated your comments too).

Sorry it's taking me a long time to get back to you all, but I will visit everyone who comments.. even if it takes me a while.

 Oh, and I snuck into my studio today and painted, YAY!!  It was only for about 15 minutes, but that's better than nothing, and now a painting that's been almost finished for quite a while is 15 minutes closer to finally being finished!


Mandy said...

Hey there!...this is beautiful..tho I haven't found any pretty shadows since its been raining all week! And a troubled head with Jacob sick...BUT..I am in the midst of doing a piece for my laundry...lol..hope it works...I'll show you when its finished...take care of you and your lovely family...xxx

Diane said...

Great photo Esther--hope your family is doing well.

Spadoman said...

A great shadow shot is a great shot, no matter when it was taken. I love the column and the church overall!
Best energy sent to your husband and all concerned who grieve.
Glad you got into the studio to paint. Sounds like you needed and wanted that to happen. (I heard it in your voice).


Andrea said...

Love the column picture! I actually collect column pictures from friends who have travelled. Most of them are from Europe.
One day I might even see a few up close!
All my best,

Michele said...

Lovely picture! And thanks for the comments on my new blog. ☺☺

Kim Henkel said...

Yes a lovely photo... and I understand completely the importance of creating even if it is only for 15 minutes. I too will take the 15 minutes wherever I can find them.
You also asked about a necklace on my blog. I presently am not selling my creations on line, but plan to set up an Etsy store in January (if I can figure it out).
Thankf for your comments!


Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice photo.

Regards and best wishes

Kristin said...

Yeah - you got in the studio a bit! It really does make such a difference doesn't it? It is nice catching up with you too - thank you for your sweet congratulations and for you visit - it's been really hectic around here and I too feel like I am just getting caught up - looking forward to getting to arting too - THIS WEEK! xoxo

Kristin said...

Ha! We are crossing! YES - do join PPF!! It feels like a really fun group ;) xoxoxo