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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breathe Journal Pages

Hi there.

Ok, so last time I posted I was on an art making roll and had no intention of slowing down... but then what happened?  Yup...life got in the way... as it usually does.  This time the result was a badly hurt foot, last Sunday... my right heel.  Argh!  Not sure exactly what's wrong yet, but it might be a partially torn achilles... or something.


  And what this means is NO walking on it... no pole vaulting....no swashbuckling... and definitely no chorus line high kicking.   What this also means is no getting into my studio for who knows how long?!  At least a few more weeks.  After a week of frustration I finally realized that I could work in my art journal while I'm stuck on the couch.  

Ahh... that's better.  

I already have a bag full of art journal supplies that I keep at the ready, in case I get the chance to run off to a coffee shop and work on some art on the go (hasn't happened in quite a while, but darn it, I'm gonna be ready if the opportunity presents itself!). 
 In this bag I have:

my art journals,
a few brushes, 
a small bottle of titan buff fluid acrylic by Golden, 
a few random papers (vintage dictionary and scrapbook), 
and my water-soluable crayons.  

I like working only out of this bag... limited supplies are always a nice challenge.

First I glued the dictionary pages down, then added some scrapbook papers over the top... oh and this cool bird label I got from a booklet thing (?) full of tons of amazing collagy bits, which I bought from Anahata/Papaya years ago (sold out and discontinued as far as I know).  After gluing all that stuff down the pages got a nice sloppy, uneven coat of Titan Buff paint to tone it all down and blend it in.  Then I drew out the design with a water-soluable pencil and painted it in with the water-soluable crayons.

I wrote "And... breathe" as a reminder to myself to....uh..... breathe...and just relax and go with the flow. A reminder I very much need lately while I'm stuck on the couch.

The other page is all ready to go whenever I get the desire to write.

I mentioned in the last post that as soon as I finished a certain painting I would have a give away and one of you lucky peeps would win it.  Well, I was completely serious, it will still happen, but is temporarily on hold.  I need to finish the painting first and it's SO darn close, but until I can work in my studio it has to wait.  Sorry....so maybe if you pray for quicker healing, you can win the painting sooner ;-) 

 But until then I'll try to continue working in my art journal ...
and just try to remember to breathe.


JeMA said...

Sorry about your foot, no fun! I am glad you found a way to create despite your studio absence. Heal quick!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh that damn life is such a bastard !!! lol We were in the dark for 8 days so I feel sort of like crpmagnon man crawling out of the ooze.....Feel Better!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Gaaa *cromagnon man*...is that even the right spelling???

Diane said...

Oh my goodness--these pages are brilliant!
And we can always find a way to make art--hope your foot heals fast-ouch!

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Poor you .... Hope your foot gets better soon and you didn't tear your achilles! Still, with your limited tools, you manage to do gorgeous artwork! And, would love to see you do some chorus line high kicking when your foot is all better ;-)

Mandy said...

Oh..its fabulous...yeah life in the way...lol..i so get that...but hope you lol discover what is going on either your heel and it gets better soon..sending happy healing vibes your way...xxx

Jackie said...

Your page is beautiful.
Hope you make a speedy recovery.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Such a lovely art journal entry. Take care of that ankle.

And I LIKED you on your facebook page. Such gorgeous art you make!

Kristin said...

Hi there.
Love that ;)
AND a Fab journal page - I love all the soft colors (and plenty of texture!) and the torn element - so happy you are playing - and breathing ;) I've been using a box too, and love working with the limited supplies while on the couch at night. . .
Thank you too for your sweet comment - right back at ya my TG, xoxoxo

sharon said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I haven't done any mixed media for a while, and your beautiful pages are inspiring me!
Your work is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love this!
I am google-ing "titan buff paint" as soon as I finished with your comment. I know several bloggers who do collage this way with the layers and always wondered what they used to get this affect. I will send up a little prayer for you, for a speeding recovery, most certainly, and some divine perspective during your forced time of stillness.

Lynn said...

What about pole dancing? No pressure on your foot when doing that. Lovely journal pages, I love that soft look - perhaps the enforced stint on the couch was meant to be. Hope that the foot is improving

Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald said...

This page is Gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your foot...I hope it heals quickly!