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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gingko Leaf Texture Painting and an Update

Hi there.  I know I've been missing (warning: long post).  Busy, busy, busy, then at night I'm too darn tired to post!  Lots of catching up to do.  Today I want to share ONE of MANY paintings that I've finished this past month, but first a little update on some of the happenings around the Orloff household...

1.  A couple of you asked how my foot is doing.  It's really good now.  Finally!  For those of you who don't know, I hurt my foot bad back at the end of October.  I didn't break it but had some major tissue damage and had to stay off of it, and was on crutches for a LONG 7 1/2 weeks!!  I was finally told I could walk the week of Christmas and haven't slowed down since then!  I missed painting so bad that it's hard to keep me out of the studio now!  Dinner?  What dinner?  Give me paint!!

2.  While I was stuck elevating my foot on the couch I noticed how grungy our den walls were.  Yuck.  So now the walls are painted a pretty grey-green, and the ceiling is now light grey.  Ahh.. much better!  But with the painting of the walls and the ceiling came a big mess.  Our den is THE room that we are in most of the day. It's the playroom, TV room, office, etc... so when it was a mess for the last few weeks... so was I...but it's all good now.

 I just had to share my husbands fancy light stand that he used while painting.  Yup, that's a clamp light on a drill gun.  Cracks me up!!

3.  My baby boy turned three last week!  Wow, time moves fast!  Warp speed lately (except when I'm waiting for my next Netflix movie to come), so we had a tiny little birthday party for him today.

4. I was submitting some art pieces for a Petit Valentine art show that's coming up next weekend and the art had to be in by Tuesday, so I was painting like a mad woman!  I got six pieces finished and turned in!!  Yahoo!  I'll share them with you this week along with details of the show, but for now, here's a photo of my workspace when I was in the middle of working on them.

OK, there's more but I'm done sharing for now, and this post is long enough! So now here's the rest of the photos of a new finished texture painting.

The color of the gingko leaves was a bit of a happy accident.  I meant for the color to be deeper and more copper but they ended up more of a peach color.  I liked it so I only added accents with copper.  I really like how it turned out.  Ok, see you soon.  Bye now.


Michele said...

Wonderful that your foot is better!!
So.... I am like totally a big perv....BUT, I enlarged your desk pic and wondered.. What the heck is your mannequin doing?

Michele said...

And! How did I miss you had a Facebook page!!!

Jenny said...

So happy to hear you are full speed ahead once more Esther... your painting is beautiful... and love the pic of your little one blowing out the candles... your hubby's light cracked me up too... very clever... sounds like you have been very busy... and achieving lots...

Jenny x

Rossylalah said...

I love happy accidents, don't you? except for the foot injuring kind! Glad to see you're up and about. The color of the gingko goes well.

Diane said...

Love how busy you've been--it seems when something is taken away from us (like our foot :), the more we appreciate it when it comes back--I try to think like this all the time--try not to waste a minute.
P.S. What mannequin??--I don't even see one and I enlarged the pic too.

Andrea said...

So glad to hear your foot is better! A friend of mine recently did the same sort of thing to her right arm, and having learn how to get through her day was a lot of work.
Love the ginko leaf. Don't you just love happy mistakes?! I've learnt so much from them.
All the best,

Kathy said...

So glad your foot is better.. time goes so fast.. love the pic of the b-day boy.. Very inventive that light on the drill...lol...that painting is gorgeous.. love the ginko leaf.. and texture.. love when mistakes turn out so well..

Mandy said...

Loving that patterned texture and those two colours go beautifully together too....your new colours in your room look wonderful too and lovin that light...its got Hollywood written all over it...lol...take care xxx

Single Stone Studios said...

love love love the ginko painting!

How in the world did you survive nearly 8 weeks on crutches with a 2 yr old?! Super woman!!

Good luck with the art submission!! Can't wait to see more on those :)

Happy b-day to your little man! Time flies!! Mine are 15 and 13 now. All my daugher can talk about is driving soon. I don't want to talk about it. ;)

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Great blogpost, love to see your art and all the snippets of your life. Glad your foot is oke and you have a nice newly painted room! And the little one looks so sweet, congratulations!! I hope to show some art too soon ;-)

Lesley Edmonds said...

Hello Esther,
What a cutie your little one is - 3 is such a wonderful age!!
Your paintings are awesome - as always. So much texture and gorgeous colours.
Love your new look den!

Sada said...

Honestly the drill-thing should win some kind of award SOMEWHERE! LOVE LOVE the Gingko Leaf...amazing! And Happy Birthday Elias!!!
Dressology HQ

Leah said...

Yes nothing makes a woman more discontent with her house than she is forced to sit and just look at it! The drill with the light cracked me up...something Tim would do. I had no idea you had a three year...very cute. Glad you seem to be in full swing and going strong.