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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Are Strong And You Matter

 Hi there.

I wanted to share some photos of a few healing art journal pages I made recently.  There's been a lot going on around here, so I had to get some paint on my hands for a bit of therapy!   There have been many days when I needed a reminder like this, and I knew I wasn't alone, so I did the page above for many people I love who are going through hard times.  You are stronger than you think!

The above page was done in all acrylic paints, with my hands, then stencils and brushes.  I added a touch of charcoal to create shadows.

Here's another reminder for anyone who needs it, because yes, you really do matter!

This page was done with acrylics for the background.  I used my hands again to smear the paint (good therapy!) then I stamped on paint to create the swirls. I used oil pastels to draw out the lettering.

The page on the left isn't done yet.  Sometimes I like to leave pages in various stages, so when I have time I can jump in at whatever stage I want.. start a background, work on the middle stage, or finish a page.  So far it has acrylic paint, parts of a magazine page and the image is part of a plastic bag that pasta comes in from Trader Joes.  I love to use unusual things!  Hey, why not... it's my journal!

My mom has not been well for a while and it's been weighing on me heavily.  Then two weeks ago she wound up in the hospital.  They let her go home that night after tons of tests, but while I was waiting for news about her that night, I started this journal page below.  I drew the images with a charcoal pencil.  The page next to it says  "Do you ever feel like you are carrying the weight of the whole world on your shoulders.... and then some?"

I still have to finish it, but I really like it so far.  It's a bit different for me, but it's an image that I had to get out and on the page to help me feel better.  There's that art therapy again!

Things are looking up over here though.  My mom is finally getting better and now we KNOW she's going to be OK... even if it takes a while. 

So with that said, I have a lot to be thankful for!  And speaking of... yesterday was our anniversary!  My husband and I got married 12 years ago!!  That seems so crazy that it's been that long, but it has!  Happy Anniversary Honey!  One of my dear friends (Hi Manya!) watched our kiddo Sunday so we could get out for a bit.  We went out to Newport Beach and had such a nice time.  Thanks Manya, we love you!

So with that I'm signing off.  Just remember, you ARE stronger than you think!  
And so am I....
 I think.


Jenny said...

Gorgeous journal pages Esther... and love the words you have written... carrying the world on your shoulders page is incredibly awesome... happy to hear your mum is feeling better... and happy anniversary:)))

Jenny x

Manya K. said...

You're welcome! I love you too! Beautiful art as always!

Mandy said...

lovely as usual esther ...good to hear your mummy is ok too...i saw what ypj had written on the page and thought...yeah...i am!...stronger than i realise i mean...that's a great uppy sort of page....have a good one...oh..and happy anniversary...time flees by you quickly doesn't it...xxx

Sada said...

Great, heartfelt post. Love LOVE the last journal entry--but you know me, I got a thing for animals. And the rest of the drawing reminds me of Atlas Shrugged—one of my favourite books. So this is possibly my favourite journal page of yours EVER!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
Dressology HQ

Kristin said...

Oh, so much to say!
First of all, I am SO sorry that you've had a sick Mom. I'm glad to hear that she's out of the hospital and I hope you are all getting some time together.
Secondly, your pages - and the meanings behind them - are gorgeous.
Now, can we talk about your new page? The elephant! I LOVE THIS on so so so much.
Oh, and Happy Anniversary sweet TG! Congratulations to you both! xoxo

Renee Troy said...

Hang in there...it's a day by day existence. Your mom is on her journey and so are you. God heals and shows the direction. Our job is to listen and take direction.

I'm sending loving energy your way...

Leah said...

Such wonderful journal pages E! Did you know that the quote "you are stronger than you think" comes from A.A. Millnes Winnie the Pooh. His classics are wonderful. Many inspirational quotes that have been around come from Pooh Bear book. (Oo dear I think I am becoming one of those people who makes everything about books...how annoying for everyone else. Anyway, I am so impressed with your last sketch. Very powerful. I hope some of that weight has slid off and been cast aside where it belongs.
Happy 12 year...our 12 year is this Summer...amazing isn't it?

Kristin said...

Thank you my friend! I hope you have a great weekend with the Fam, xoxox

Carin said...

So sorry to hear your mum's been ill, but so glad she's on the mend. In the meantime you've created some seriously powerful jouyrnal pages, and the sketch of that last one is just amazing. So powerful already. The elephant on top of the world sure is the last straw, isn't he. So powerful!