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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Lotus Painting

After doing the front of my art journal with a lotus (in previous post), I HAD to do more like it, so I did two 8"x10" paintings inspired by it.  This is one, and I'll show the other one in another post.  

This photo above shows the beginning stage of it.  First I painted the base colors, then I smeared on a thick coat of Heavy Gel Medium and drew into it while wet.  After letting that dry overnight I started to paint it.

As you can see it looked quite different at this stage.  I liked it but it didn't feel quite right to me, so I put it aside for a week or so.  When I went back to it, I just kept adding layer after layer of paints and glazes until I finally liked it.  

To finish it off I gold-leafed and antiqued the sides of the canvas, then put a few coats of sealer over the whole thing.

So now I think I'm addicted to painting water lilies/lotuses!  I'm planning on doing some bigger ones like this too.  I think it'll be fun!  And I still have a couple more finished ones to share with you.  

For a while now I had been wanting to do a series of some kind, and realized that's what this is... my accidental waterlily series!  There's nothing like a good "Happy Accident" is there?


Lisa Graham said...

Very nice work Esther! The textures are so nice. Waterlilies are so gentle.

Two Dog Pond said...

It's beautiful Esther!

Carin said...

It's gorgeous Esther! And I loved seeing the progress shots!

Beverley Baird said...

Your lotus is gorgeous!

Leah said...

I've missed a few projects i see. Love the lotus and all those textures. Its awesome to see you getting back into your craft and expression. Your lotus series is just stunning.

Ophelia said...

Oh, how I love your blog! Your painting is amazing. I will be back often. So inspired here.

Kristin said...

TG! It's just beautiful! I love the effect of the Heavy Gel Medium and the colors and textures ;) are luscious. Love this "happy accident" of a series.
And so happy you'll join SOC when you can - should be fun this year, can't wait to see your work, xo

χρυσάνθη said...

great work! very nice blog! Glad I found you! Kisses from Greece!