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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One year Blog-o-versary Post and Giveaway!!

Lots of reasons to celebrate around here... even though I'm a bit behind.... OK...WAY behind.
 Last month, April 14th was my one year blog-o-versary!!!  WOOHOO!!    And April 15th was my 39th birthday... (eek...I'm almost 40!).   Kind of funny that I started my blog the day before my birthday last year.   I don't remember if there was a reason for the timing, but it doesn't matter....I'm just so darn happy that I did!  I had been reading and lurking around beautiful artist's blogs for a while, and kept thinking "one day I'll do this too...."  I wanted to share my art with others outside my small little circle and I wanted to inspire others the way that I felt inspired when looking at all the lovely blogs out there.

 I finally started E Makes Art so I could join a group that was forming online called The Artistic Mother's Group, which would go through the projects in the book The Artistic Mother by the amazing Shona Cole.  The group is hosted by Trudy Callan who was SO sweet and helped me get this blog started, so I really owe this to her!  Thank you sweet Trudy!

Here's a link to my very first post called "Blank Canvas", I'm still proud of it.  I think it was a good start.    Blogland was so new and scary, yet SO full of possibilities.  And now?  Still SO full of possibilities, but not so scary.

A lot has happened since then...

  • I learned that computers have more than just an "ON/OFF" button
  • I took my first online class and am now addicted to them
  • I've met so many amazing people from around the world while sitting in the comfort of my home
  • I now have my art represented in a gallery.  

WOW!  What a year.  I wonder what magic and wonders the next year will bring...

I made this mixed media cake on my birthday as a gift to myself to cheer me up! No calories and it never goes bad : )  The cake was formed from light molding paste, then painted once dry.  On the rest I used various papers, a clip art flamingo (love!) and a painted crocheted flower.  I also wrote and doodled details with a graphite pencil.  But no, this is NOT what I'm giving away!

To celebrate my blog turning one I would like to giveaway one of my all time favorite books, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  I love this book, and I know many of you have read it, but I also know there's so many more of you who haven't.  You need to.  It is such a phenomenal book.  It's a must read for anyone... not just artist's or writers... anyone!  So to win, leave a comment on this post and make sure to leave your email if you don't have a blog.  If you're having trouble commenting then I'll also accept emails as an entry.  My email's in my profile.  You have until June 9th 8pm PST (California time) to enter.

OH... and don't worry... I'll be sending you a brand spankin new book, NOT my very used and loved book shown here.  The new pretty one is on it's way here from Amazon as I type.  (and sorry you can't have my pen or journal either... don't be greedy!  Sheesh!  ha ha!) 

 Good luck to you!  And here's to many more happy, magical years with E Makes Art!

Edit :  Giveaway is now over!


Anonymous said...

Fah-lip you're talented! I love the cake piece! Gworguss!!
Happy blogversary!!
You're amazing!
And crazy.
And very young at only 39.

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

First of all I love your cake painting. Reading this blogpost on my 50th (eeeekkkk) birthday makes it extra special ;-) And wow did you come a long way since your first blogpost! Anyway congrats on 1 year of blogging, and hope you continue to blog for a long time !

Diane said...

The cake piece---Oh----Love! And happy anniversary! What you wrote about your blogging experience is exactly what I would write, because this is how I felt too before I started blogging--I just needed a little push, and it's the best thing that I could have ever done for myself and my art journey--hope you have many more years to come!
And I, unbelievably, do not have that book, so I would love it!

Yvonne said...

I love that fat-free cake!

Thanks for the chance to win the book,it sounds very interesting :)

Micki Wilde said...

Congratulations on your bloggerversary, what a beautiful cake painting to celebrate with, absolutely wonderful!!

I have to say I have not read that book and would love a chance to, so please enter me into your giveaway :)


Micki x

Bev said...

i am so happy you started blogging, meeting you has been a blessing to my heart...
love ya!

JessiVille said...

E, That cake looks so good I can hardly stand it! Just beautiful! Happy blog anniversary and birthday! I will go and read your first post after I comment... Thank you for your email regarding the hoof sniffer - I am experiencing ailing furbabies and have been a little over-sensitive, lol! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Jessi xox

Mandy said...

oh esther..i think i am your biggest fan..i love your work and that cake is to die for!!!!!!!!when you said you were giving away the book and i saw it was all tattered and loved my heart went into a flutter...maybe if i won some of your talent would rub off onto me...hee hee hee..but alas,its a spankin new one...lol..its an amazing giveaway..take care and have a great weekend...xxx

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hi, I came here from Artic Blonde Creations and love what you are creating here. I love your fat free cake. Those molding pastes look amazing in your hands. I already have the Book and have found it so inspiring like many other of her works. Nice to meet you. Penny

Carin said...

Happy birthday and happy bogaversary! Love, love, love that cake!

You can strike me from the giveaway as I already own the book (and love it), but just wanted to say congrats.

Btw, I have a giveaway over at mine too.

Jen said...

Happy belated birthday and blogging! I still haven't read the Artist's Way but have heard such good things. Maybe it's time for me to read it (especially if I win).

And I just adore that cake. It is gorgeous. I will be sure to come back and visit more regularly. I think I've run across your blog before back in the Artistic Mother days :)

Kristin said...

Ooooh! Congratulations and HAPPY belated birthday! I love this piece so much - so glad you made something for yourself (such a wonderful idea) to celebrate.
Thank you for starting your blog so I could meet you ;). You and your work are an inspiration! xoxoxo

Rossylalah said...

Hi Esther! Love that pink piece of gooeyness! I can just taste it. Spit it out, spit it OUT! You have certainly inspired me in your year of blogging. Thanks for that. I haven't come across this book, maybe its not available in Australia? Oh and happy belated burpday!

Manya Keseloff said...

HAPPY ANNI!!! You are awesome! I'm so proud of you!
Love, Nya

Sada said...

Hey! The deadline for entry is my birthday....coincidence??? I don't think so!! : O
ps....Blog-o-versary....he he he. Good one.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Happy 39th Birthday Esther! You are one year younger than me and I will be celebrating my BIG 40 in July! YIKES! I love your birthday cake! Especially that it's 0 calories! LOL
I love The Artist Way but I have not finished it yet, there's so much to go through! Maybe one day I will finish it!
Big hugs to you and many blessings and a BIG BIRTHDAY HUG TO YOU TOO!

Hey Harriet said...

Happy blog anniversary and a very happy belated birthday too! I'd love to enter your very generous giveaway but if you prefer to keep the entries local that's certainly fine, as I imagine postage could be a little costly. Good luck to all!

Kristin said...

I am so glad to have discovered your blog a few months ago. I check it frequently for updates. I had never done anything mixed media before until I saw your amazing artwork. Now I am slowly experimenting with it, I'm not fully sure yet what I am doing, and if I can ever afford it, I want to do that texture class you took. I would love to know what other classes you have taken so I can look into it. I'm glad you are around and congratulations on the one year! I hope you continue to stick around for a lot longer, you are currently my muse!!

Emakesart said...

Just to let you guys know, I will ship this book anywhere!! The winner does not have to be in the US!


NatashaMay said...

What an awesome giveaway! Love it! Thanks for the chance to win it. :)