Mixed Media Art. Photography. Inspiration.

Artist Bio

Esther has always been an artist.  She doesn't remember a time when she wasn't drawing, painting, or taking photos at a young age.  She was blessed to have parents who recognized her early talent and provided her with plenty of crayons, paint, paper and eventually a sweet grey and pink plastic camera.  She hasn't stopped creating since then. Her passion led her to take many art classes and workshops over the years in a variety of media.  For fifteen years Esther was a decorative artist and muralist, painting walls and furniture in gorgeous homes and commercial businesses all over Southern California.  Esther now is a stay at home mom who sneaks into her studio every chance she gets, and who loves seeing her 7 year old son light up when he paints.  She knows that feeling well.  

In her art, Esther likes to combine many things including papers, photos, heavy gel medium or molding paste, acrylic paints and glazes, and the occasional rusty nail or chandelier crystal.

Esther's mixed media paintings vary in subject and style, but it always comes back to sharing what she loves and what ignites her.  That may vary from abstract pieces with plenty of texture and color, to birds, architecture, or nature... to things that are time worn and full of rust or a beautiful patina.

Esther's imagination takes the ordinaries of life, which she sees as the most majestic creations of God, and allows them to enliven her and compel her to transform them into new creations, each with its own vibrant identity and rich texture, to share her interpretation of life and tell humanity that the world is full of beauty. 

Esther resides in sunny Southern California with her talented, fantastic English teacher/writer hubby David (who's also a great cook!  Score!!), and their truly amazing 7 year old son.