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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Yellow, I Think I Love You!!

Lemon Tart

This week's color for the Summer Of Color challenge is yellow.   I didn't have much time this week, but I remembered this lil' bit o' fun I had laying around from years ago that never got finished.  
 I did this at a time when I wanted to create but was sooo stuck because I was taking myself and my art way to seriously.  So I decided to start making fun whimsical stuff that some might not consider art or take seriously.

  That's when this little collage was born.  The only reason it didn't get finished at the time was because I kinda forgot it's purpose.  It was almost done but I didn't know what to put at the top.  The word "tart" kept coming to mind (which would make me laugh whenever I thought of it), but I would talk myself out of it because it was too silly.  Um, hello, that was the whole point.  So my lil' Lemon Tart got tucked away and long forgotten until this wonderful challenge reminded me of it.

You can decide for yourself whether "tart" is referring to the lemons or the girl ;-)

The whole idea came from the cool netted bags that our lemons come in.  I kept saving them and one day I decided to make a collage on watercolor paper and use one of the bags as a dress.  I started by painting the background and the lemons, and cutting out a magazine photo of a girl and gluing her down.  Then I "designed" her recycled lemon bag dress and hat. She needed a necklace so I drew and painted on a citrusy one for her.  To blend her in she has a soft wash of paint over her and I doodled details onto her, the lemons, and other parts of the collage with a black pen.

To finish it (finally!!) I glued down a piece of paper across the top and stamped on leaves with green paint.   Then I stamped "tart" and added more layers of paint and pen until I liked it.  Done!   Whew!  In time to post for "yellow week".  Woohoo!

And now ... because 1) I think I'm in love with yellow
2) I'm also now in love with my iPhone and the "Hipstamatic" app I decided to make my post even longer (!!) and share some yellowy photos with you from our recent Kern River trip.

You can see the reflection of my shirt on the window.  Coolio!

I love how the bus is distorted from the windshield! 

 None of these photos were altered in any way!!  That's all the work of my iPhone and this amazing Hipstamatic app (well... and a talented photographer, haha) !!  

Ok, that's enough.  See you soon!


Mandy said...

That lemon piece is fun...I believe that's what it all should be about....loving all your yellow photography too...hope your hol was fab....

Elis. ;o) said...

What a nice and happy "tart-collage". And the netted lemon bag was such a creative and fun idea! :-)

Diane said...

Great collage and PERFECT for this week's color--tart--I like that!!
GREAT photography too!

Beverley Baird said...

What a fun collage - love your detailed description of the process as well!!
Great entry for yellow - especially with the added photos!

Sharon said...

Love the lemon TART. I really had a good giggle over it. So well done.

Donna P said...

Love it ALL!!! very creative! Thankyou

Janelle said...

This looks really cool. I love the way that you blended the background and images. Great use of the lemon bags. I have been saving all the colored mesh produce bags lately to use in art. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I love altering magazine models and I love this! The dress and it's texture is fabulous. Great idea!

annvey said...

Hey Est...Love your Lemon Tart! Your description had me admiring it in a whole new way. The detail is fabulous. Also, am lovin' the row of trees on the 2-lane hwy. What did you name it? Yellow Lane?

Kristin said...

Oooh, what a great post! I LOVE all your hip yellow pictures (especially the puzzle pieces ;) and your little "Tart" is fabulous - love the play on words. . . Wonderful texture (natch) and the idea of using the lemon bag is genius. Thanks for pulling this out to play again, xoxo

creatingme said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Wicked awesome! and that pic through the windshield is way cool too!