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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday : Tree+?

Hi there.

I would like your input on today's shadow shots.

At first glance these two photos look the same...BUT if you're very observant (and I know you are), you'll notice the tree is in the center in the first photo and a bit on the right in the second photo.  I usually try to go by the rule of thirds in my photos, which tells you NOT to put the main subject dead center... BUT once in a while I like a photo better with the subject in the center, not on the side.  Like in these photos.  I like the centered one better, but I was going to ignore that and post the other one because "the rule... don't ignore the rule!"
 I think sometimes we need to break the rules.

I would really like your opinion. Which do you prefer out of these two photos?  Sorry to make you work on a Sunday ;-)  but I appreciate your input.  Thank you!!

For more shadow shots or to join in with your own shadows, go on over to Hey Harriet's for Shadow Shot Sunday!


Heidi said...

I love your blog-I like the first one better as well. There is something about that one that has less distraction. Both are great and so s your blog-love how you share how to create the art!

Anonymous said...

This month the contest at Boston.com "Raw" is.. The Rule of Thirds. They do say you have to know it first before you can break the rule. And you do. :)

Anonymous said...

Well...I like the second one better because I see the water first. In the top one I see the tree first and am looking aroind it to see the water.
Either way, they are both gorgeous!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm a rule-breaker too, so I like the first photo best!


If I had a shadow as big as the sky,
I never would fear, and I’ll tell you why:

My shadow would save me from dragons and things
That fly in the night with terrible wings;

My shadow would keep me away from the beast
That sniffs in the west and sniffs in the east,

Hungry for children who play all alone,
Hoping to feast upon blood, upon bone;

My shadow would be my protector and knight
To keep fear at bay, to banish all fright.

I’m so glad my shadow is always nearby,
Though it’s not nearly as big as the sky!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadows here and here

Jenny said...

Oh I like the first photo best too... and I just love the richness of the colors... beautiful pic...

Jenny x

Ms. Becky said...

it's a shadow shot so I look for the best shadows and there's a very subtle difference between the two so I like the 1st one better. it really has nothing to do with the tree for me. does that make sense? hope so. happy SSS to you.

Lynn said...

I too like the first one, it is a bit more shadowier and mysterious. I am not a photographer so don't know the rules - I just like what I like:):)

Diane said...

Wonderful Esther--and forget the rules--just do what you love--they're both so very cool with these shadows.

Anonymous said...

Both shots are great. I have to laugh because I agonize over photo shots too. My husband will see me agonize over incredible similar shots and thinks I am wierd. Putting all seemingly wierdness aside, I do like the second one better. I did not even know about the "thirds rule", but later when I did read about it, realized I favored my subjects to the the right...who knows why? I think you should just follow what "looks right to you", usually what you first gravitate to. I find I ultimately decide upon whatever grabbed me first. I do this when picking out fabric too.
I am so glad I joined SSS.

just me said...

Hi there! It's Melinda from Plaster! I like the first one...it just felt right to me. But then...perhaps if I had seen the 2nd one first - maybe that would have felt right. hmmm. Both are very nice but I'll stick with #1!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

In my opinion the first photo is better and nicer.
The second is too bright and slightly tilted to the right.


Sada said...

I like the first one....but I can't tell you why?! Love both shots, but the first one SPEAKS (it says....leaf me alone...) Sorry, too much coffee! Great photos.
Dressology HQ

Mandy said...

In the centre fa shizzle....xxx

Mandy said...

Glad you laughed...I felt in a cheeky mood...lol...the first time since the death if my mil so if was good for me too!..I just hoped you knew what fa shizzle meant...in case you didn't...for sure!...lol...xxx

Kristin said...

Just thinking about you and hoping you are happy and well, xoxo