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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Be Still" Textured Journal Cover

Hi there!
Here's my art journal cover that I showed you a quick peek of in the last post.  It kept bugging me that the inside of my journal was filled with lots of purdy art, but that the front of it was so drab.  So I decided to give it a nice facelift one day while another waterlily painting was drying.  

I started by gluing down a vintage dictionary page, then painted it with a coral color.  Next I cut and glued down various scrapbook papers in a waterlily shape.  Yes, I know that you can BARELY see any of that in the finished piece, but I think that every little layer gives it just that much more "something" when it's done... even if you hardly notice that it's there.  Art is kind of like us in that respect... all of our past experiences, no matter how slight, can influence who we are and the beautiful creatures that we can become.  

Wow, ok back to the process... I did think that all the base layers would be showing through more, but that's not what happened.  I try to let the art go where it wants to... sometimes I'm just along for the ride!

  So after the initial layers, I put a heavy coat of Golden's Heavy Gel Medium on, and drew into it while it was still wet.  I also added a painted crocheted 1/2 circle to the top and a ribbon across the bottom.

After letting it dry overnight, I painted it, then antiqued it with a raw umber glaze to get the grooves and  ridges to really stand out.  When it was finished I sealed it good since it's on the front of my art journal... which means it has to stand up to plenty of abuse as I drag it around with me most of the time.

There... so much better than a plain, drab, brown cover.  Now it represents what the journal is all about... artwork, creativity, becoming.  And layers... lots of layers.

And "Be Still"?  A reminder I need often in our busy hectic world.  You too I'm sure.  Be still, close your eyes, and just breathe, you beautiful creature you.


Shonna said...

Love, Love, LOVE this!!! I just want to touch that awesome texture!! Thanks for sharing how you did it.

Lubs said...

Very nice!!! Love it!!

Ophelia said...

Amazing!! What an awesome cover for a journal!! I love the texture!

A Magical Whimsy said...

These are really, cool techniques!
Thank you for sharing how you did it.
The journal cover is fabulous!