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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer of Color Weeks 1 and 2

Well hello there!
Here are two new mixed media paintings that I've completed the last couple of weeks.

I'm joining in with my friend Kristin's Summer of Color fun that she's hosting on her wonderful blog.  Each week we get to vote on the following weeks color combo, then make art in those colors!  The first  week was Citron Green and Turquoise!!  One of my favorite color combos!

So I made the above 8x10 painting using various papers as a base, then a nice thick layer of heavy gel medium to build up texture and painted over it when dry.  Then to do the fern I troweled tinted molding paste through a stencil and drew into it.

For the second week the colors were Orange and Hot Pink!  How fun!  So I whipped out another 8x10 inch painting also using a patchwork layer of papers as a base.  Then the rest was created with heavy gel medium, a stencil, and acrylic paints and glazes.  So much fun!

I won't be able to do week three, but can hopefully can jump back in the following week.

I also wanted to ask a wee favor of you nice people.  A blog friend of mine is trying to raise $$ to send her son to Tennessee to play baseball this summer!  How fun right? To raise the money she needs, she is selling great collage packs!  I bought one and it is jam packeted with goodies (why didn't I take a photo before tearing into mine to play??)  She has until July 9th to sell them so hop on over to her blog here and order one for yourself!!  Thanks!


Ophelia said...

Your summer of color pages are AWESOME!!! I am really inspired by them and will join in on the fun!! Thanks for the link love...I really apprwciate it!!

Carin said...

Esther, I love your summer of color canvases! You are the texture queen! I knew they were yours as soon as I saw them pop up on the facebook group, before I even looked athe name. Love! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love these both! Amazing as always! I agree with Carin... You are the texture queen!

Manya Keseloff said...

xoxo, Manya AKA Anonymous comment

Paula Jennings said...

both are beautiful!

Kristin said...


Carmen said...

These are gorgeous. I love the texture and that fern in particular - I thought you had somehow preserved a real one!