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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday : Iron Scrolls

Time for more shadow shots! 

This is part of a beautiful bakers rack that we have outside that used to hold plants.  No plants on it now (don't ask).  But it does create some pretty great shadows against our house.

The ironwork has gotten nice and rusty over the years, yay!  

It's a long weekend for us here in the States!  Yipee!  Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!  

To join in Shadow Shot Sunday with your own photos, go here.

And if you're interested, I'm having a giveaway for my one year blog-o-versary/birthday.  Either scroll to the post below or follow this link.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One year Blog-o-versary Post and Giveaway!!

Lots of reasons to celebrate around here... even though I'm a bit behind.... OK...WAY behind.
 Last month, April 14th was my one year blog-o-versary!!!  WOOHOO!!    And April 15th was my 39th birthday... (eek...I'm almost 40!).   Kind of funny that I started my blog the day before my birthday last year.   I don't remember if there was a reason for the timing, but it doesn't matter....I'm just so darn happy that I did!  I had been reading and lurking around beautiful artist's blogs for a while, and kept thinking "one day I'll do this too...."  I wanted to share my art with others outside my small little circle and I wanted to inspire others the way that I felt inspired when looking at all the lovely blogs out there.

 I finally started E Makes Art so I could join a group that was forming online called The Artistic Mother's Group, which would go through the projects in the book The Artistic Mother by the amazing Shona Cole.  The group is hosted by Trudy Callan who was SO sweet and helped me get this blog started, so I really owe this to her!  Thank you sweet Trudy!

Here's a link to my very first post called "Blank Canvas", I'm still proud of it.  I think it was a good start.    Blogland was so new and scary, yet SO full of possibilities.  And now?  Still SO full of possibilities, but not so scary.

A lot has happened since then...

  • I learned that computers have more than just an "ON/OFF" button
  • I took my first online class and am now addicted to them
  • I've met so many amazing people from around the world while sitting in the comfort of my home
  • I now have my art represented in a gallery.  

WOW!  What a year.  I wonder what magic and wonders the next year will bring...

I made this mixed media cake on my birthday as a gift to myself to cheer me up! No calories and it never goes bad : )  The cake was formed from light molding paste, then painted once dry.  On the rest I used various papers, a clip art flamingo (love!) and a painted crocheted flower.  I also wrote and doodled details with a graphite pencil.  But no, this is NOT what I'm giving away!

To celebrate my blog turning one I would like to giveaway one of my all time favorite books, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  I love this book, and I know many of you have read it, but I also know there's so many more of you who haven't.  You need to.  It is such a phenomenal book.  It's a must read for anyone... not just artist's or writers... anyone!  So to win, leave a comment on this post and make sure to leave your email if you don't have a blog.  If you're having trouble commenting then I'll also accept emails as an entry.  My email's in my profile.  You have until June 9th 8pm PST (California time) to enter.

OH... and don't worry... I'll be sending you a brand spankin new book, NOT my very used and loved book shown here.  The new pretty one is on it's way here from Amazon as I type.  (and sorry you can't have my pen or journal either... don't be greedy!  Sheesh!  ha ha!) 

 Good luck to you!  And here's to many more happy, magical years with E Makes Art!

Edit :  Giveaway is now over!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday : Horse Babble, or is it Babbling Horse?

Hi there.  Welcome to Shadow Shot Sunday.  
These were taken from our yard, peeking over our neighbors wall... shhh.... 

I think it's pretty darn cool to have horses just right next door to us.  Except on the nights when one is feeling rowdy and kicks the METAL feed bin over and over.  And over.  And over.

Then it's not so cool. 

 But most of the time it's cool.  Like this time, when the horse was posing for his shadow shots.  He's pretty vain actually.  Or maybe it's a she.  I haven't checked.  Then I would call her a diva.

Anywho... enough of the nonsense.  You're probably thinkin I got kicked in the head by the horse.


 Just me babbling... this is how my brain works.  I've been sparing you guys for a while now, but... well... that's boring.  Welcome to my bizarre sense of humor.  Please don't be scared.  

Is sniffing a horse like sniffing glue?  Is that what's happening here?  They make glue from them right? Yipes! From the hooves I mean? Do they still do that?!  Sounds mean.  But it seems like that's the effect that's happening here.  hmmm...  Something to ponder. 

 Hey, where'd you all go?

I'd like to blame all this on the horse above.  He typed this.  I was just an innocent bystander. 

To pretend the above didn't happen and go find some normal shadow shots click here to go to Hey Harriet for SSS.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Tired, But Inspired!

I'm back from the "Plastered in Wax" class that I took today at the "Create Mixed Media Retreat" here in So Cal.  I had a blast!!  It was so much fun and I learned tons, and came home with some very cool (unfinished) art pieces.  I can't wait to finish them, but in the meantime here's a peek at them.   Three are almost finished and the other three not so much.  I'll let you figure out which is which!  And I can't wait to make even more!  Woohoo!

I was so excited to meet our teacher Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch (she's on the left)!  She was wonderful!  She's so talented and sweet and fun.  I highly recommend taking a class from her if you ever get a chance.  I was a huge dork though and totally forgot to take photos any of her art pieces that she was working on!  ARgh!! My favorite ones were "works in progress"... umm...can't imagine how they can get any better, but I know they will!  Darn forgetful photographer!!  I'll keep an eye on her blog or Facebook to see if she posts them when done.

 During class I kept thinking, "Who is this stylin' woman who keeps making the most beautiful art pieces in class?  This better not be her very first art class".  Ha!  Then I found out that she's Lauri Mika, the artistic force behind the book "Mixed-Media Mosaics".  Ahh... that explains it.  Just look at this incredible piece (below) that she made in class (it's lighter in person ... sooo pretty!!!).

And to top off this fantastic day I snuck into Chris Cozen's class to say hi.  This amazing woman is one of the teachers of the online Texture Town class that I LOVE, and she teaches many more (and I want to take most of them, lol)!  She is such an inspiring, genuine person and a darn talented artist to boot!  Just click on her name to go check out her website and you'll see what I mean.

I feel truly blessed to have met all three of these talented ladies, along with all of the inspiring students.  That's one of the best things about taking classes, not just learning great new techniques from great teachers, but being inspired by your fellow students too, and hopefully inspiring someone in return. 

 It was a good day. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

What I'm Up To...

Hey there.  Just wanted to share a few things with you. 

 First, starting today I'm taking this online course Mondo Beyondo.  I'm so excited and unsure what to expect, but I've heard amazing things about it, so I decided it's time for me to take that next step and take the class.  It's about discovering your dreams and equipping yourself with the tools to go after them!  Sounds great, right?  They are having a 2 for 1 deal, so I got a friend to take it with me.  Are you ready, Manya, to dream big together?!  Yay!!  
If you want to learn more about the class click on the photo below.

Mondo Beyondo Dream Big

Then this Thursday.... aahhh!!!!!  ehhem.... composing myself now .... this Thursday... just a few days away (yipee!) I'm taking a class from the one and only Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch who is an amazing encaustic (wax) artist.  She wrote one of my favorite art books, "Encaustic Workshop", and she's teaching at the Create Mixed Media Retreat in Costa Mesa this week.  The class I'm taking is called "Plastered in Wax".  We will learn how to use plaster as a base for encaustic work!  Woohoo!!  I'm so excited!  If any of you are local I think there's still room in the class and there's SO many other amazing classes by other amazing artist's too...jewelry, bookbinding, everything!  Wish I could take more.

And last but NOT least my friend Kristin over at Twinkle Twinkle will be hosting a wonderful free blog event called "The Summer of Color".  To quote Kristin "Think of it as a blog block party centered around the beautiful, bold and luscious colors of the rainbow. It's the stuff we arty people dream of." 
 Oooh yes!!  I can't wait!  It starts June 6th.  
For all the info click on the banner below.

So that's all for now.  Just wanted to share what I'll be up to.  Maybe I'll see you at one of these places?  Yes?
Oh, and I should finally be posting more art soon, it's been too long.  xoE

Sorry I keep re-posting this... I keep forgetting things!  Ooops!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday : Columns

Hello there.  It's time once again for Shadow Shot Sunday.
Boy it sneaks up fast.

I took this photo a couple of weeks back at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I love it there, it's such a nice place to wander around aimlessly.
Well... not completely aimless... 

we did HAVE to make sure we went to Anthropologie.  If I could only move in ... at least to one of their catalogs... sigh....

I went there with my friend Manya on a gorgeous day and took a few shadow shots to have on hand for cloudy days like today.  I loved the way the shadows from the pergola were creating stripes on the columns.  
Oh, and I think I have a fascination with columns, but I won't bore you with that ; )

To join in with your own shadows visit Hey Harriet.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday : Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.  I can't help but go back to the time when my son was first born.  It doesn't seem like it was over two years ago.  How quickly it has flown by... as it has for all you in your lives too, I'm sure.  So to celebrate this day and these memories that are flooding over me today, I wanted to share a few personal photos with you.  

This first one is of me and my son when he was still in the hospital.  I love this photo so much.  I look so peaceful and full of love, so caught up in the moment that I'm not even sure if I knew our photo was being taken.  It almost looks like a painting to me.

 This first shadow shot self-portrait was taken by my husband of the two three of us, while I was pregnant with my son.

This next shadow self-porrait of me and my son was taken last September while my son was 20 months old.

This last one was taken today.  We had to stand outside and wait for the sun to peek from behind the clouds which lasted for about 6 seconds before it disappeared again.

To see more shadow shots stop by Hey Harriet for Shadow Shot Sunday.

I hope all you Mothers out there are having a wonderful Mother's Day.  I was treated to a yummy breakfast souffle, Chocolate cake, fresh coffee and a handmade card.  What more could I ask for for : )

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Card and an Award

First I just want to share a little collaged card I made for a loved one.  To make it, I layered scrapbook papers for the background, then tore papers into flower, leaf, and stem shapes and glued them all down.  Then I added a light cream paint to soften the colors a bit, and once dry I outlined everything with a water-soluble crayon (make sure to spray it with a sealer).

Next, I won an award!!!  Yay!! 
 It was given to me by the wonderful, super talented, and fun Sada over at Dressology HQ (who just happens to be my aunt who seriously rocks at everything she does!).  Go check out her fashion blog, it's so much fun and there's lots of eye candy (who doesn't love pretty dresses ladies?!).   

OK, so I have to share some lil' tidbits about myself.  Hmm....

  1. I actually won an award (different one) at the end of September from the lovely and talented Kristin at Twinkle Twinkle but I never posted it because 1. I couldn't decide who to pass it on to 2. I seriously couldn't think of anything interesting to share about myself,  and 3. I ended up forgetting about it after a while!  Sad, I know... Sorry Kristin!
  2. I LOVE to travel and have been to:  Austria - Salzburg & Vienna.  Australia - all over 3x.    France - Paris 2x & Giverny.  Germany - Munich.  Italy- Florence 2x, Rome, Venice 2x, Pisa, & Cinque Terra.  Spain -Barcelona 2x, Madrid, Toledo, Grenada, Cordoba, & Sevilla.  Switzerland - Interlaken.  I've also been to Arizona, Oregon, Mexico, Nevada...and probably a few more that I've forgotten about.
  3. If someone would've told me, when I was younger,  that I would be married to an English teacher, I probably would've fallen on the floor in hysterical laughter (a common occurrence back then even past my teens, much to the dismay of my mom) ... seriously. 
  4. This one's for you Kristin... my English-Teaching husband is 5 years younger than me.
  5. Pretend there's something interesting written here.  oooh!  wow!!
  6. Even though I painted faux finishes and murals for my business, there's sadly none of that going on in our house except for ONE room, our bedroom.  In there I glazed the walls and stenciled the ceiling (ouch!).  I also painted all trim and doors to look like mahogany wood.  
  7. I've been wanting to share a few photos of our beautiful bedroom with you.  But that would mean I'd have to dust.  Nope.

So now I have to pass on the award to a few deserving people.  
First one goes to miss Manya over at Manya K Photography.  She takes the most beautiful photos and her blog showcases her specialty which is portraits in beautiful environments.  Go check it out.  Oh yeah, and she's one of my closest friends : )  Hi Nya!

The next one goes to Michele of  Pipi La La.  I love visiting her blog.  Not only is she real, and HILARIOUS, but the girl is a wonderful artist.  I am the happy owner of several of her paintings.  LOVE them!

OK, that's all I've got.  I've been TRYING to narrow my list down to share others, but I'm going to cut it off there.    I started this post days ago and I'm afraid if I don't post it now it'll never get done.  
 Bye now.