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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beautiful Beads and Silky Fabrics, How Could You Resist?!

I'm pretty sure I have enough papers, paints, embellishments, beads, fabrics, etc... to get me, AND a few girl scout troops, through quite a few cold winters.  So I've been trying not to buy anymore supplies, except for staples like glue, gesso etc., and use what I already have. (And I WAS doing pretty darn good with this...  )

I've also been trying not to start anymore new projects, and just work on finishing all of my unfinished projects, and whatever else is already on my plate...Artistic Mother, owed gifts, etc...

Can you sense where I'm going with this...?

I have a friend in from Australia right now, and I promised to take her shopping for beads and fabric in Downtown Los Angeles where you can find some amazing deals.  Now, I knew I would be tempted to buy beads and things that I didn't need, so I promised myself that I would only buy something if I absolutely "fell in love".....

Turns out I'm a bit of a slut!  I loves me some purdy beads n scrumptious fabrics!

Oh, and that reminds me of how I justified buying more jewelry supplies, while I have tons sitting around here waiting to be used (you know ...besides the falling in love justification of course!) .  As I passed by and saw these lovelies I thought , "OOOH turquoise!  I don't have turquoise, which I love! And it's not beads...it's turquoise"!  Did you catch that..."it's not beads...it's turquoise"  That's honestly what went on in my head!  And what else "isn't beads" and will look gorgeous with it... wood!  Who can argue with that? (don't answer please, dear hubby).

 So now I want to forget about all of my current projects, and get to work making pretty(or purdy) jewelry instead!

And look at these fabrics!  Four gorgeous new fabrics waiting to be used.  The cotton peacock feather print (LOVE!) was going to turn into a bag (it's the one pictured with the"beads"), but now I'm trying to figure out if I have enough to sew a skirt instead!

The other three are sheer silks ...oh sooo pretty!  I LOVE this bottom one, I think it's my favorite.  I'm pretty sure the colors and pattern are going to end up working their way into a painting.

That's right ... that's' multiple NEW projects to add to the line up!  sigh... so much for that!


Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Well ... I do understand ! Who can resist that gorgeous turquoise ?? Really beautiful, and your new fabrics look great too ;-)

Mandy said...

look...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...seriously gorgeous stuff....xxx

Heather said...

Really beautiful! Please share what you do with them:)